Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday - We're Home

We arrived safely home Saturday night after a VERY long day traveling. Court went well Friday and the judge ruled for our adoption, so we now officially have a daughter! YEAH! Halle did very well, and when we dropped her off, she said she would be good and would wait for us to pick her up on September 9th. It was so great to see the boys when we got home. Nick came home from college since we didn't see him before he left. We went shopping today and I got to buy her first clothes. That was so much fun! We will fly out next Sunday, and I will spend this week finishing her room. If we have internet available, I will post on our next trip, September 8th through approximately the 12th. Thanks again for your support and prayers!



Crystal Page said...

It was great to see you at church yesterday. We are excited with you that the adoption went through. I pray you'll have a fun week of preparing for your new daughter! We look forward to meeting Halle!
In His Love,

Joe, Wendy, Graham, Elizabeth and Kolya said...

Welcome Home Parish's! There is no place like home/America!! My husband Joe found your blog and the picture of all of us at dinner and I am glad to hear your adventure is almost over! I met a couple from Indiana at the US Embassy and the husband wanted me to pass on his e-mail to your group and have someone contact him to share stories. His name is David Cockerham and he and his wife teach at the University. They adopted a 3y/o boy. His e-mail is I have his phone number if anyone wants it. Good luck on your return trip and lets pray it will be cooler! Please keep in touch!

Daryle said...

Brad, Laura, Nick, Andrew,

I admire your calling and commitment. Halle is a fortunate young lady. God must have great things in store for her to entrust her to such a neat family.


Anonymous said...


So glad God has answered your prayers. I know that Grandma Diane will teach her new granddaughter how to shop and shop wisely. She is so excited to get to have her a new Granddaughter. I pray that you all have a safe trip home with your new daughter and everything goes as planned. May God Bless you, all. Janice J, from Kansas

Fred and Lisa Thompson said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you guys today as you head back over!

Anonymous said...

hApPy DaNcE for you all!!!!