Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday - Perfect night

We had a great day today. Halle was back at the orphanage, so we had a good visit there, with the Matthews and other girls. Today they let us walk the girls down to the corner store to get ice cream. They enjoyed that. We took little stickers for them to put on their nails, and that was a hit. This evening we ventured out farther with the Rawleys. We went on a long walk down to the park area by the lake. There was a lot going on there, with music and dancing at an amphitheater, lots of flowers and fountains, many places to sit and get a snack and an amusement park. We walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere, rode the ferris wheel, and then as we were just finished crossing the long bridge to go back, the fireworks started. It was a very nice fireworks display. Then we walked back and stopped for pizza. It was a perfect evening. We get to move back into a bigger room tomorrow for the rest of our stay here. Yeah!

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