Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday - I miss my Starbucks!

What I wouldn't give for a great big cup of Starbucks in the mornings. When I get back, that will be one of the first things I will get. The coffee here is so different. Most of the time its very strong instant, and its not always easy to get milk or cream. We survived the soccer mob last night. The Donetsk team beat the Croatians, so they didn't have much to celebrate. They were loud when they came in, but I don't think any damage was done. This morning when we went down to the lobby though, there were still cops, and the Croatians were everywhere. We went with the Matthews to an outdoor market this morning and bought a bunch of stuff for the girls, and today at the orphanage we had another makeup and hair party. They have alot of fun curling each other's hair and putting on makeup. They are all so adorable. Our interpreter went to Kiev for a few days (maybe a week), so we are on our own, except for the driver. It will be challenging at times to communicate, but we will do the best we can.


Kelly said...

It looks like the girls are really enjoying themselves at the hair/makeup parties. Did you take nail polish with you too? I bet they would like painting each other's nails. I'm praying you hear something soon regarding your court date!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura -

You know I wouldn't miss the coffee...but how's the Diet Coke? Sounds like you and Brad are in for a challenge with the language. We'll be praying for you (maybe this would be a good time for Halle to work on her English).

Continuing to lift you up in prayer.

Love ya,


Fred and Lisa Thompson said...

I was thinking about you guys last night at the parent meeting. I can't wait til Halle is at school with girls. Do you know what grade she'll be in yet? We're praying for a quick courtdate, so you can be home sooner!

Miss you!


PS Tell the Matthews I said Hi and Congrats!