Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to Ukraine

Here we go again! We are at the airport getting ready to go on our journey back to the Ukraine to pick up our new daughter Halle! Although it is a long trip that we are not looking forward to, we are so excited about the result. We will arrive in Kiev on Monday afternoon, and will try to get a flight to Donetsk that evening. We will pick Halle up to be with us forever on Tuesday. From there, we will have a few days of running and paperwork in Donetsk and Kiev. We hope to arrive back home by next weekend. It was a great week at home, as we got to catch up with our boys, Nick and Andrew, and finish preparing Halle's room. I will post on days that I have internet available. Thanks again for your support and prayers!


Mark and Kim said...

we've had our daughter home for 2 1/2 years - adopted her when she was 10 - she is a HUGE blessing as I know Halle will be to your family. Hope this trip is quick and easy!!!

Kelly said...

Wow - in just 2 days Halle will finally be all yours! I'm really excited about getting to meet her next weekend. I'll be praying for travel safety and for all final paperwork to come together smoothly.

Todd said...

Already praying for a safe return for you and your new daughter! Can't wait to see you all together!!