Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday - Interesting Day

Oops! I had my days mixed up. We actually arrived on Sunday, and these are actually the events for Tuesday. Our day started with a scary ride to the State Department of Adoption.
They drive crazy here: very fast, cutting each other off, and a game of chicken at some of the
intersections. The person who gets to go first is the one who wants it the most. Our appointment at the SDA was very interesting, too, but I'll not go into detail on that right now.
We chose a 10-year old girl from the Danetsk Region. There were no younger girls available at this time that were right for us. Danetsk is probably the farthest region from Kiev possible. It figures; seems that we want to do everything the hard way. We will actually have to fly to Danetsk and will not be able to go until Thursday morning. The City of Kiev is very beautiful, with awesome architecture and colors. It's fun just driving around and seeing everything. After the appointment, we went shopping for awhile at an open air market. That was fun. Then we were taken back to the flat. The other interesting thing is we spent most of the day without a translator. I have learned some basics, but obviously that doesn't cut it most of the time. We went back to the grocery store, and it took us forever to figure out the butter, and we decided to make spagetti without meat, because it was too much work to figure out the meat. Well, another evening at the flat, watching Ukrainian TV, then to bed. By the way, Don, they do have some music videos on TV in English, but we spend most of the time watching "football" or volleyball in Ukrainian. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and comments.
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Fred and Lisa Thompson said...

This all brings back such good memories. Donetsk is a good region. It has a McDonalds and an Amstor (which is like a Sams Club kind of grocery story with a yummy cafe and good deli) least if you're in the capital of the region. The girls are from Mariupol which is also in the Donetsk region, but we took the zillion hour train ride. We wish we could have flown!
I'm so glad you're blogging and have been checking it a zillion times a day to see if there's anything new. I'd love to hear more about your SDA Appointment.
You are continually in our prayers.


Brian said...

What a day of contrasts - from choosing your daughter to choosing butter . . . It all must seem so crazy for you right now!

Saw Andrew at the Pizza King yesterday (Tuesday). He's working really hard for the soccer team. It seems that they somehow fit soccer in-between the eating out and the pool parties.

Getting ready for youth group tonight - "Wisdom". During the God's will series, we are taking Sunday's messages and honing in on one key thought for our Wednesday youth services.

Have you had a chance to check out the 50 Day Devotionals. This week is Scott's week. They're on our website.

Todd said...

Brad and Laura, I've been praying for you - Dana Forrest and I check your blog each day.... one adventure after another! Be sure to stay safe out there on those roads!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Tomorrow, you will get to meet your daughter. How exciting!! I will be praying for your flight and that all travel arrangements go well. I will also pray that everything will go smoothly with the orphanage director. And when you meet your little girl. Are you able to share her name and pictures once you meet her? I would love to see her and know her name! I think of you both often and praying all the time! Its so exciting to hear how God is working in this situation! Kelly