Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday - Another Girl Party

Yes, Dian, they have "Coke Light" which is pretty close to our Diet Coke, but we don't use the ice, so its not always very cold, but I am VERY thankful for it. Today was another good day at
the orphanage. We took coloring books, which they enjoyed, and then it was back to makeup and hair. Yes, Kelly, we did take nail polish, too. They really like that. I told Brad that I'm not sure how we are going to explain to her that she is really too young to wear makeup in the US. Joyce took it one day, and we thought it would be fun for them. We went back to the open air market, and were able to get alot of that stuff there. When we were there, I was sizing up whether a top would fit me, and the lady tried to get me to just take my shirt off and try it on right there in front of everyone. I very politely said "nyet", meaning NO! Just minutes earlier, there was a lady doing just that. The culture here is definitely different. Halle really warmed up to Brad yesterday. She hadn't wanted much affection from him until then. Our translator said we need to remember these girls aren't used to being around men. All of the orphanage workers are women. Well, she was jumping on Brad's back and begging for him to pick her up and twirl her around. Now he gets hugs, too, and she will hold his hand. That makes for a happy Papa!


Fred and Lisa Thompson said...

Don't worry Brad! It won't take long til she's a total daddy's girl. My girls both warmed up to me more quickly than Fred, but now it's all about dad! Any news on the court date yet?

Jessica Davis said...

That just melts my heart. I was wondering how brad was doing with all this non-stop makeup and hair parties.. that has to be a "little" different than what he is used to. But I know those hugs make it all worth it :) I am sooo excited for you guys. We saw Nick last night and I didn't catch the cool way her name went together until we were talking last night.. God is truly able to exceed any expectations we may have! I can't wait to meet Halle and we saved a spot for here at School!! love you guys and can't wait to have you back!