Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday- Everyday is an Adventure

Well, you never know when you walk into the orphanage what you will find. Today, when we got there our friend called us and told us that the girls were telling her that Halle was in the hospital again - this time with "something in her eye". We found out about 15 minutes later that she was in the orphanage infirmary, or clinic. We went down to see her and her right eye was all red and swollen. A translator told us over the phone that someone "touched" her eye when they were playing. It looked like she got hit in the eye, but no one is talking, and neither is she. She laid there for about 15 minutes and then fell asleep and slept for the rest of our visit. Every day is an adventure! This morning we went with the Matthews to a very nice, huge mall. I don't know why we hadn't gone in there before today, except it was hard to tell from the outside how great it was on the inside. We had purchased Twister and another board game for the girls, but did not get to participate. Maybe tomorrow.


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