Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday - Chips and Salsa

We didn't go to the orphanage today as it is Sunday. We started the day by watching the USA men's volleyball and basketball teams win gold medals. That was great! This is the holiday weekend, so we ventured out to see what would be going on. There wasn't much this afternoon so we ate at McDonalds and just walked around and sat for awhile at the park. Then the Matthews called us and invited us to their flat to "hang out". She also offered to let us use their washing machine, and we were thrilled to wash a load of jeans, as we have been handwashing clothes for 3 weeks in the sink. We hung out there for several hours, and then we figured out there was a mexican restaurant just down the street that we didn't know about before. We were so excited to eat mexican food, and it was delicious! I said there were hundreds of people out and about on Friday night. Well tonight, there were thousands! There was a big concert on the square. We didn't get to move out of our small room today, because they didn't have a larger one with internet, so we didn't want to be here anymore than necessary. We accomplished that and had a great day!

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