Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday - Friday Night in Donetsk

We didn't get to see Halle today, but it was because they were transferring her back to the orphanage about the same time we were to go. So we were happy for her to get out of there and back to the orphanage. We went to the Matthews' new flat tonight along with the Rawleys and Joyce cooked for us. It was a nice change from our same old schedule. In order to venture to their flat we were quite a bit farther from the hotel than we have been at night. We walked through all of the park areas coming home, and I am amazed at how many people just hang out in the park and on the streets at night. There were people everywhere, just hanging out and socializing. The statue in the picture is of Lenin and it is in the middle of The Square. We are looking forward to going back to the orphanage tomorrow to see Halle. Tomorrow night we are going to try to venture out somewhere else new. This is a holiday weekend, something relating to Coal Miners, so not sure what all will be going on.


Kelly said...

So glad to hear that Halle is now back at the orphanage and that you will be able to see her tomorrow. Lauren has begun to pack for IWU - now my basement looks like your great room did when Nick was packing! Glad you were able to spend time with the Matthews at their flat - nice change -plus getting to see other parts of the city can be interesting too. Miss you and can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys:

Glad to hear that Halle is out of the hospital. PTL! Sorry to hear about your hearing date (bummer). It is so nice that you have the other American couples that you have connected with. God sends us blessings even when we are struggling with some of the other answers. Just remember that He is faithful and we know that He is working out all the details and they will be better than any of us could ever imagine.

Love You!

Dian & Rick