Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday - What Next?

When we arrived at the orphanage today, we could tell something was not right. The director was rattling off something about Yulia, and we had no idea what she was saying. Finally, she got a teacher to come down that spoke a little english and we found out that Halle was in the hospital. We were obviously surprised and concerned, and the only thing they could tell us was that she had a high fever. We arranged for our driver to come back and get us, and we went to the hospital. The hospital here is definitely not like our hospitals. The nurse was speaking to us in Ukrainian and we had no idea what she was saying either except for "temp-ur-a-tur". Then Halle met us in the hall, fully dressed and we were escorted to the lobby to visit with her. She was burning up, and just wanted to be held. Her little friend, Nastia was with her. We only stayed for about 15 minutes and she wanted to go to bed. Our driver called a translator, and they explained to us that they think it is just the flu. We are praying that they are right. There were no other signs and symptoms evident to us, and we tried to call a translator while we were with Halle, so I could ask her some questions, but we couldn't get her. They will not allow visitors in the hospital on Sunday, so we will not see her until Monday. We have been here long enough that the staff is getting used to us, and now we see mostly smiling faces when we are greeted. Brad showed one of the guys in the cafeteria to greet by doing "the knuckle". Brad was even invited to be the "Fifth Beatle" (see photo).

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Fred and Lisa Thompson said...

We will definitely be praying for Halle. Hopefully it will turn out to be something minor. Our girls said that in Ukraine instead of going to the doctor, you go to the hospital. Hopefully she will be out quickly! Please let us know if there is anything we can do!