Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday - New Friends

Today we had to be at the orphanage at 8 am to meet the Head Orphanage Director. We didn't actually see her until about 9, and it wasn't much of a meeting. We stayed there till about 12:30, which was the longest time period yet. I helped her sew on her purse we bought, and we took beach balls today for the kids and Brad and Ulia played with those (maybe volleyball?). A neat thing that happened today, was another couple came in about the time we were leaving, and we found out they were the Matthews family from Colorado, who had been working with the same agency that we were. We didn't get to talk there much, but when we got back to the hotel, there they were! They had asked our translator where we were staying, and decided to try it. We just got back from having dessert and a very nice 2 hour conversation. They have had many roadblocks in their adoption process, like us, so it was great to talk to them. Lisa, they remembered reading your blog. You guys are famous over here, it seems. Anyway, we hope they stay here so we can spend more time with them, and we hit it off quite well. We are spending our evenings watching the Olympics, which is something that's not too bad watching in Ukrainian. We watched the USA Basketball Team dominate China last night. We are hoping our documents will be ready tomorrow for our coordinator to take back to the SDA to get our court date.


Aimee said...

We are so glad things are going well. We can not wait to meet her. Take care. Love you!
Jason, Aimee, Justice, Lexi, and Jalen

Fred and Lisa Thompson said...

What a blessing to have another family there to share the process with. I'll be praying that everything moves along quickly so you can be in court in no time at all!

Kelly said...

It looks like Brad has Ulia in training- some kind of ball handling drills! Maybe volleyball, basketball or softball could be in her future. If not, maybe singing, dancing, piano and drama like her mom! I am glad that you met another family from the States who are going through the same process. What a blessing for you both.

Anonymous said...

How great for both of you and your new daughter. I hope process goes smoothly. I would love to meet your new daughter and you when you return to the states.

Shara Enos (friend of your mom and dad Oehlert)