Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday - The Countdown Continues

Today there is not a lot to report. Our time was shorter at the orphanage, because we had paperwork to sign at the notary. It was a more mellow day with the girls. We purchased our tickets to come home today. Yeah! Court is Friday at noon, and we will fly to Kiev Friday night. Then we leave Kiev at 6:30 am Saturday and arrive in Ft. Wayne around 8:30 Saturday night. Our travel time is longer this time due to longer layovers (about 21 hours). It will be a long day, but can't wait! The picture is of the giant new soccer "football" stadium they are building. but you can only see the very top of it. Three days until court!


Kelly said...

I'm counting the days down until your court date too - and until you get back home. Can't wait to see you. Do you know the date that you are going back to pick up Halle?

Fred and Lisa Thompson said...

We are praying like crazy for you! I'm so glad that you only have 3 days left til court! I pray that God will allow your last days in the orphanage before court to really bless the kids and the workers and that they will all see Jesus in you!

Can't wait til you are home with Halle. Are both of you going back to pick her up?