Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday - Yeah McDonald's!!!

Being a Starbucks addict, I have not had much McDonald's coffee, but we decided to ask our driver to drop us off there this am, and I couldn't believe how good their coffee tasted. It is actually like American coffee. Yeah! We are going there again tomorrow! Halle is still in the hospital. They said she has a "small temp-ur-a-tur" and has to be in the hospital for 2 days after the fever is gone (I think that's what they said). Even interpreters are hard to understand at times. Anyway, we went to see her in the hospital, and were told to wait in the lobby by the elevator again. The girls (Nastia is still there too) came running down the hall to meet us. They definitely were feeling better today. The next thing we knew there were several kids there without supervision and they were running wild. Never once did a nurse or any other adult come to check on them. Also, it was like sitting in a sauna. The weather got a lot warmer here the second week, and there was obviously no air conditioning in this old building. We are not thrilled that she will be in there for probably 2 more days. They are telling us today that we probably won't go to court until next week. We were so hoping that we could go to court by the end of the week and be home by the weekend. We are so ready to get back home and see our boys. Nick and Andrew, we miss you so much! Thankfully, we have a Skype phone, so we actually get to talk to them quite often, which has been a real blessing.


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