Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday - Meet Ulia

Wow! This was a very busy day! We flew to Donetsk, which was an easy flight, then had to go to the Inspector's Office and wait for a second permission to visit the orphanage. After waiting for what seemed like FOREVER she went to lunch and we had to wait FOREVER again. All of the waiting is exhausting! Anyway, we picked up the Inspector, went to the orphanage, waited again, and then met the little girl, spent a couple of hours with her, and then had to go to some other government office to file application for court, which took FOREVER! We slept very little last night, and are very tired. Then we were able to come here to the hotel. The hotel is brand new, "The Liverpool" and is decorated in a Beatles theme, which is fun. The best thing about here is the internet is available, so we don't have to wait for someone to take us to an internet cafe. There's also a restaurant in the hotel, and I'm sure some within walking distance, which is what we didn't have in Kiev. Anyway, the big news. Barring something else happening to throw another hitch, this girl will be our new daughter. Her Ukrainian name is Ulia, but we will be talking to her about the possibility of a more American name. Ulia may be her middle name, then, if she desires. She was very shy today and tired, as she just came back from camp yesterday, and just came in from working in the garden. She seems really sweet, though, and smart. They are telling us she is healthy, and she does appear to be. She wants to come home with us. We showed her pictures of her brothers, Nick and Andrew, and her dog, Obie. She likes to sing and dance, but doesn't seem interested in sports. I told Brad we were going to have to do something about that, as she has 2 athletes for brothers. She wants to show us around the orphanage tomorrow, and introduce us to her friends, and the dogs (9, but sounds like a litter of puppies). We gave her a purse that she could decorate and she seemed anxious to do that. We are looking forward to spending more time with her tomorrow when she is not so tired.


Fred and Lisa Thompson said...

Your daughter is beautiful. I can't wait to meet her. Just a thought on her name... My girls told me that Ulia is the Russian form of the name Julia. I'm praying like crazy for you guys! Can't wait til your home with your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Laura and Brad,
I am so happy for you! Yulia (translated name or Yula for short) is adorable! Julia would be the American equivilent. Funny thing is we have 3 girls here with that name now! :)

Anyway - I am excited for you and pray that things will go well. Donetsk is a very adoption friendly region - my youngest daughter is from there!!!

I hope you have a wonderful time getting to know her!
Lydia Tarr

Sherry Barg said...

Laura and Brad,
We are thrilled for you all! She looks so sweet! Sorry I didn't get back to you before you left, we were on vacation. We are praying that things go smoothly and can't wait to meet her.

Kelly said...

Ulia is so pretty! I can't wait for you to bring her home. Maybe she will be like you -with her love for singing and dancing- just like the pictures you have for her room! I'll be praying that the rest of this process goes smoothly and that you don't have to wait forever at each step.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. We are so happy for you and even more for her. She doesn't know what a great family she will be part of. We are continuing to pray that all goes well.


The Taulbees said...

We were so excited to see your daughter!! We can't wait to meet her! Andrew was a dream to have at our home. Glad to hear you are watching some real "football." We are praying for you and are excited for your return.

~The Taulbees

Cutshalls said...

Hi, Laura & Brad - Good to hear you are having a good time in Ukraine and success in finding your daughter. Alena is also from the Donetsk region, city of Sloyansk. Our translator lives in Kramatorsk (sp?). Have you seen the football field yet? Shortly after our return last November we learned over U.S. radio of a bad mining accident in the Donetsk region. Alena and I wish we could have gotten into one of your suitcases and were over there with you now. Our prayers and congratulations -Cutshalls

Anonymous said...

We are all so excited to meet your new daughter, she looks so sweet. You have been in our prayers and we will continue to ask for strength for you both as well as Ulia.

Can not wait to meet you all back home. Judy

Anonymous said...

Barad & Laura,

You family will be omplete! She is so pretty. We will all be in line to greet her when you arrive home.

We love you and wil continue to lift you up.

Love, The Placencias

Scott and Mary Anne Taylor said...

Hi Brad and Laura,

We just got back from vcacation and heard the news
So happy to see you have found the little girl God has had planned for you all along!
We can't wait to meet her! She's adorable. Remember us when they offer you a 2 for 1 deal!! Ha Ha
Nick, Jordan, and Nate just left for Kentucky. I gave them the motherly "request" of driving safely. I think they are really looking forward to their trip!
Can't say I'm looking forward to the 20th but we'll take good care of Nick for you!
We'll be praying for you in this new adventure!
Love, The Taylors