Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday - The American Invasion

We called our translator this morning to see if she could check with the hospital to see how Halle was and she said she could not, so we don't know anything. We now have another new friend. Wendy, a friend of the Matthews, came to Donetsk for two days with her new son, Nicola, that she just adopted from Mariopul. Lisa, do you recognize him? We all went to the market today, and had a good time. The Rawleys, Dan and Kim, walked down to our hotel, and then we walked to the market. It is fun just to walk around and gawk there. They have a food area with freezers like in a grocery store, and also have dried (?) fish (whole) on trays sitting out in the sun (YUM!) The flies and the bees were enjoying the fruit. After a few hours at the market, we all went out to eat and had lots of laughs. Nicola is a very nice boy, and Wendy is a nurse, so we hit it off.


Fred and Lisa Thompson said...

I totally recommend Nicolai. I have tons of pictures of him from while we in Mariupol. He played Frisbee and soccer with us a lot! So glad you're making so many new friends! I met Brad's mom yesterday at the soccer game. She's soo nice! I had a really nice time talking to her! I can't wait til you're home with Halle. We're praying that she's feeling better and out of the hospital in no time!

Joe, Wendy, Graham, Elizabeth and Kolya said...

Fred and Lisa, I would love to see the pictures of Nicolai when you were in Ukraine! I followed your blog reliously as we were waiting to go adopt him. He is now safely in Colorado and smiling from ear to ear! We love him so much and he is truelly a gift from God. Please contact us at